This revolutionary bridle design is based on two years of scientific testing to establish exactly where the pressure peaks are under a bridle and how they affect the horse in motion. Using two bespoke pressure mats, Mark used the SMS/BEF Pliance system to analyse the pressure under different designs of headpiece and noseband. This data was then used to design a bridle that significantly reduces pressure in the six key zones where peak pressures were recorded.

Gait analysis was carried out by Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics to establish how a reduction in pressure affects the horse’s freedom of movement. Horses wearing the Fairfax Performance Bridle, recorded significantly greater hock flexion, knee flexion and forelimb protraction. Riders could feel this improvement in movement and also a greater harmony with their horse.

We are in the process of submitting a scientific paper on the findings of our bridle research and we will provide full details as soon as this is permissible.

Christina is selling her Connemara this year in order to have more time to concentrate on her four year old KWPN gelding. After breaking him and competing him over the past seven years it is a heartbreaking sale, but Matthew Roberts came to Woolcroft to take some irreplacable photographs for her to treasure.




This week we had an equine photoshoot with our stallion, Passe, and Sophie Callahan. We would highly reccomend Sophie for her photography.

Take a look at the story and photo's on Sophie's blog at:


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Last week we had two new stables built next to a large indoor saddle fitting area, complete with rubber matting and lighting. We're prepared for the winter weather! 


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